As the name already suggests, I am not an ordinary French real estate agent. At La Vie and France Immo not only houses are sold, but a total package is offered.

We start with a preliminary process in which you make your wishes known regarding your dream house. Based on these search criteria I compile a list of houses. These houses are discussed together and possibly replaced by other houses. You can also select a house on this site that you want to visit. All this to make a good pre-selection as much as possible before you incur costs for travel and accommodation.

When the choice is made, the real adventure begins. It is time come to the Vosges and we go out. You don’t have to worry about your stay. That will be fully taken care of. We provide a room in our Chambres d’Hôtes La Tulipe Orange and there is breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be taken on the way when we are driving in the beautiful Vosges in search of your dream house.

Total package of La vie en France immo

The total package, purchase and guidance, at La Vie and France Immo has even more advantages.

In addition to the normal services of a real estate agent, we offer you the following:

  • As mentioned earlier, accommodation during the search. You only have to drive to the Vosges and I will take over from there.
  • Assistance with taking out insurance and financing. French remains a difficult language for many people, so if you want, I will come along and I can solve that language problem.
  • Questions about regulations in various areas. You can think of applying for child benefits, schools for the children, applying for permits, applying for water and electricity and so on.

At La Vie en France Immo you deal with an someone who also ended up in France years ago. And then it was really nice to be guided. Hence this approach, because you will receive answers to all your questions in one visit.

The only thing missing from your French adventure is the wine and the delicious food. La Vie and France Immo also provide for this. In the evening you can dine wonderfully in my husband’s Chambres d’Hôtes. And while enjoying a glass of wine, think back to the visited houses. If you want, I will gladly join you and we can go through all the questions again.

At La Vie en France Immo you should see the purchase of a house as a small holiday with a happy ending if possible.

If you are interested, fill in the search or contact form and I will contact you, or just call or e-mail and we will get started.

Au revoir