The average costs in France are considerably higher than in other countries. This has to do with the fact that the selling party can take on as many brokers as he or she wants. The purchasing party pays the real estate agent fees. It is therefore possible that a real estate agent gives various tours of a house. And that then another real estate agent sells the house in front of him. The average rates in France are therefore around 8 to 9 percent, also depending on the price of the house. Below I will further explain the rates of La vie and France Immo.

La Vie en France Immo rates

A brokerage fee of around 5 percent applies to La Vie and France Immo. Now I hear you thinking, how is that possible? Well, to say the Dutch way, it is not a main income for me. Since we already have that with Chambres d’Hôtes from my husband and I like to help people make their dream come true. I also invest a lot of time in the preliminary process if you are still at home. A good selection has already been made in this way. As a result, a lot can be dona when you are in France. The percentage of people who actually buy after their first visit is high with me.

For the items for which I myself have signed the agreement with the seller, the commission is as follows:
– selling price lower than € 100,000, commission € 5,000 – selling price from € 100,001, commission 5%

For the objects signed by Sovogim, a real estate agency with which I work. Are the rates charged on their agreement.

I can also assist you with taking out insurance and financing, or applying for permits, gas, electricity or other formalities. The rate for this is € 50.00 per hour.